All on 4 Treatment

All-on-4 Teeth in a Day from £12,500(lower teeth)-£14,000 (upper teeth)
£4000 discount!

People have missing teeth for a wide range of reasons, including accidents, injury, extractions and poor oral hygiene leading to dental decay. Patients who have ill-fitting dentures, which are uncomfortable and unstable, may also be looking for a more stable and comfortable solution for their missing teeth. One of the leading missing tooth treatments available is the all on four dental implant procedure, which offers patients a stable, permanent solution for their missing teeth in a just one day.

Unlike traditional dental implants, the all-on-4 dental implant procedure involves the use of just four implants which are placed at specific angles within the mouth. The implants at the back of the mouth are placed into the socket at 45 degree angles and are considerably longer than normal implants. This means that after the implants are placed, the fixed denture or bridge can be secured at the same time, during just one appointment. Longer implants are generally suitable for those patients who would normally need bone grafting with traditional dental implants.

How are all-on-4 implants different to traditional dental implants?

Traditional dental implants treatment can be a lengthy procedure as the implants need to fuse with the jawbone, and the mouth and gums need to heal after the implant have been placed; this can take many months to complete. They also tend to use at least 6 implants, which take longer to heal and fuse successfully in the mouth. All-on-4 dental implants remove the lengthy treatment time and patients can leave us on the same day with a whole new set of stable, natural looking teeth.

What are the main benefits of all-on-4

  • Patients can have stable, strong and natural looking teeth in just one day
  • Treatment is cheaper than normal dental implants as the procedure is shorter and means less time in the dental chair
  • Teeth will be completely functional straight after treatment and you can eat what ever you like after this
  • Only four implants are needed

How does the process work?

Patients looking to have dental implants will be invited for a consultation with us. During the consultation we will fully examine the mouth to see if a patients is suitable for all-on-4 treatment. This may include CT scans, X-rays and impressions so that we can see bone density levels and look at all angles of the mouth and jaw area. We will then make a unique implant plan for each individual patient using all the information we have gathered during the consultation. We may need to extract teeth but this very much depends on the individual patient. If we feel a patient is suitable for all on four implants we will arrange an appointment where the implants will be placed and the fixed bridge or dentures will be added.

During the appointment

We will place the four implants within the mouth at specific angles and then a false bridge or dentures will be fixed onto the implants securing a strong foundation for the bridge or dentures. This is all achieved over the course of one day. After leaving, patients can eat what ever they choose knowing that their new teeth are strong and durable.

After treatment

Around six months after treatment you will return to the practice and we will make sure that the implants have fused well with the jaw bone and that the gums have fully healed. We will then place permanent fixed dentures or bridges too the mouth which have been custom made to fit the mouth perfectly.

Contact Kent Implant Studio for more information on all on four and to arrange a consultation with us.