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Dental Care Plans For Patients Near Aylesford

Compromising with healthcare is never in the best interest of anybody.  Kent Smile Studio believes that quality health care can be made affordable by using our Dental Care Plans. These plans are affordable and you can expect top quality care through them.

Maintenance Plans

You can get a maintenance plan for just £11.79 per month. This plan will include two dental appointments on an annual basis, two yearly appointments for Hygiene and examination of dental emergencies along with any temporary treatment if required. Many major dental conditions can be easily treated if they are caught at an early stage. By signing up for the maintenance plan, you will be able to prevent the growth of any such condition. The dentist will also monitor you for oral cancer twice a year.  In case of dental trauma due to an accident on the road, work or home, under the maintenance plan you are also covered up to a limit. This is because Worldwide Trauma and Emergency Callout is also part of the maintenance plan.

Insurance plans

Emergency Callout Insurance is an excellent option, if you travel a lot. This insurance allows to get treated for any emergency dental issue from any dentist around the world. All you need to do is submit the invoice at the practice, where it will be processed for payments. Apart from emergency callout, with the maintenance plan you are also entitled to 15% discount on all dental treatments (i.e. root canal treatments, extractions, fillings etc); also treatments that require use of the laboratory will benefit from 15% discount (i.e. dentures, bridges and crowns).

Hygiene Care Plan

There is also a Hygiene Care Plan which comes for a monthly fee of £19.50. Proper dental hygiene can prevent many serious dental conditions. However, with the Maintenance Plan you will also receive 2 additional appointments for hygiene. So now you can make your dental care affordable by signing up for our dental plans. Please feel free to contact us at Kent Smile Studio near to Aylesford with any questions about the plans.




What Happens to Patients Near Rainham During a 12 Point Private Dental Health Check?

The 12 point dental check is designed to reduce the risk of potential dental problems. It can highlight underlying dental problems and help you get it fixed, before it gets worse.  At the 12 point dental health check, the overall health of the mouth is checked for each of the following:

  1. How healthy you feel your mouth is?
  2. Do you have any concerns with your oral health?
  3. Are you taking any medication or do you have a condition that could negatively impact your oral health?
  4. Are you satisfied with the appearance of your smile?
  5. Your teeth will be examined to see if they are strong and healthy.
  6. If you have fillings or have used other teeth restorations, these will also be checked for their health and sturdiness.
  7. The health of your gums is very crucial for the long lasting of your teeth, so these will also be thoroughly checked.
  8. Any trace of plaque will also be looked for.
  9. The inside of your mouth will be examined for any health concerns, including the roof of the mouth, the floor, lips, cheeks and tongue.
  10. The exterior of the mouth will also be checked.
  11. The inside, between and under of your teeth, will also be checked for any issues.
  12. Finally the quality of your bone will also be examined, as they provide the vital support for the teeth.

Finally you will get a feedback on how healthy your mouth is and will be given details on how to improve and maintain your oral health. Information will also be given on how to avoid any future dental issues, like tooth lose, bad breath and other dental problems. If you would like more information on this or anything else please contact us at the Kent Smile Studio near to Rainham.

All On Four Dental Implants For Patients Near Rainham

All on four dental implants is currently the best alternative to conventional dental implants. Teeth replacement now does not need to take months or even weeks and there is absolutely no need to get worried about a loose replacement teeth. All on four dental implants is a unique way of getting replacement teeth. The teeth replaced with this technique are more stable and allow you to eat with confidence.

Treatment Process

It is a revolutionarily technique that needs just 4 implants to securely fit either a denture or a crown. The implants can be used for both the upper and lower jaw, and if required on both of them. The treatment can be successfully completed within hours, instead of months or weeks.

Even though the procedure involved with all on four dental implants is very similar to the way in which other dental implants work, but it is the angle at which the implants that makes it unique.

Regular dental implant treatments require the implants to be placed vertically, but with the all on four dental implants, the implants are placed at an angle of 45 degrees, towards the back of the mouth. This angle provides the stability required for great bone fusion, improves tooth structure and reduces treatment time.

Advantages of all on four dental implants

The greatest benefit of this treatment is that it requires less number of implants in comparison to other similar treatments. Due to this, both the cost and the time required for this treatment is greatly reduced. As per research, this treatment has proven to be highly successful, even in the long run.

If you would like to get your replacement teeth done with the all on four dental implants technique, please feel free to get in touch with us at Kent Smile Studio near to Rainham.

Treating Chipped Teeth for Patients Near Gillingham

When a minor fracture occurs on the tooth we often call it a chipped tooth.  In such a situation, there would be no bleeding from the gums, however the edges of the tooth may become sharp or rough. This can irritate the cheek and the tongue.

If chipping occurs you need to contact a dentist straight away. If you can find the tooth then take it and put it in a solution of saliva or milk. This needs to be done to prevent the broken piece from becoming dry. This way the dentist would still have the opportunity to attach it back in place.

Chipped Tooth Repair

After you reach the dentist, an x-ray might be taken to access the level of damage. Sometimes it’s just the outer layer of the tooth that has got chipped. This layer is called enamel. In this case, the dentist will simply file the teeth in order to make the rough edges smooth. Next, he will use a tooth colour filling to make it look perfect.

Dental Bonding

If the broken piece of chip is available, then the dentist can use dental bonding to attach the chip back in its place. This will be done with the help of a composite resin material. The colour of this material is very similar to the colour of the teeth. The dentist will then use a high intensity light to activate and harden the filling.


If the incisor has got chipped, then the dentist might use porcelain veneers to fix the tooth. Veneers are delicate, thin structures that feel like a shell and closely resemble the teeth. The dentist will take the impression of the tooth and then the veneer will be made in the laboratory. Next, the veneer will be fixed on the tooth in a way that it will cover its surface. Contact the Kent Smile Studio near Chatham for more information.

Oral Health and Children’s Dentistry For Patients Near Chatham

The dental health of children must be monitored from the very beginning. Prevention is always better than cure. It’s always good to know, how to ensure excellent dental health for your children, in order to avoid any painful condition in the future.

Check-ups for children

Regular dental check -ups are vital to maintain excellent dental health. It will allow the dentist to prevent dental conditions and will also give us a chance to find and eliminate a condition that is in its preliminary stage.  As with any problem, dental conditions are easier and less expensive to fix when caught at the initial stage. Apart from what the dentist can do, parents can also do quite a few things to ensure excellent dental health for their children.

Caring for the Dental Health of your child

Since the time the first tooth comes out from the gums, parents must begin with the regular brushing habit for their child. Smaller tooth brushes can be found that can easily enter the mouth of the little one. The bristles of these tooth brushes are not very harsh and can be used to gently clean the tooth.

Toothpastes for children should be used, as the child might still need to learn how to spit. Toothpastes with no dyes, foaming ingredients, sugar substitutes or sweeteners are the best.

Parents can also try to make the teeth brushing activity into a time of fun. This will make them eagerly wait for the activity and will leave a good impression of it in their mind, even as they grow older

Children love to snack; therefore it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure they do not snack on food with high sugar content. If children are taught to snack on healthy food from the very beginning, then they will continue to do so even after they grow up. Please contact us at Kent Smile Studio near  Chatham for more information.

Smile Makeovers For the Patients Near Aylesford

In recent years more and more people are making use of cosmetic dentistry. Treatments such as complete smile makeovers, veneers and tooth whitening have become common place in many dental practices. Why are they so popular? The answer is really simple, Hollywood and the media.

Back in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s no-one thought twice about actors and actresses having stained teeth. Just look back at some of the classic’s from that era and cross examine the smiles from then to now. You will see that in almost every case the stained, slightly off smile is now perfect and brilliant white.

Hollywood Smiles

With the change in Hollywood as to what was socially acceptable and perceived as attractive, the attitude of people around the world has changed. Now we are more conscious of our mouths and how we look when we smile.

Unhappy with your smile

There can be many reasons for the dissatisfaction of a person with their smile. It could be something as simple as heavily stained teeth or more complex such as crooked teeth or gaps between the teeth. A wide range of complaints can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry.

The process used to create the new smile is very simple, there will be an initial consultation where you can raise your concerns and treatment options will be discussed. Photos will also be taken at this point and the fees will be explained as well.

Treatment process

Impressions of your current smile will be taken and if required you can opt to have a visual diagnostic try-in. This is where you can have a preview of the finished look before you begin the treatment. If crowns or veneers are to be fitted the teeth will need to be prepared in advance. Once any of the components such as crowns, bridges or veneers are ready, they can be fitted to the teeth. Once this is done and any whitening treatments if needed are done, the new smile is made complete for patients near to Aylesford.




What Are White Fillings and How Do They Work For Patients Near Aylesford?

White fillings are an attractive and healthy alternative to amalgam fillings. They are made up of composite synthetic resins. Due to the restorative and aesthetic characteristics of these fillings, they are selected and prepared to match the texture, colour and translucency of your tooth.  Some of the fillings use ceramics as well.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings use a mould of metals like zinc, tin, copper, silver and mercury. These metal fillings have the tendency to leak within the mouth and could also expand, which could result in the breaking of the teeth. As a safety precaution dentists are nowadays removing this filling. Replacing the metal filling with the healthier white resin will not only improve the oral health, but will also increase the aesthetic aspect of your mouth.

Risks and Benefits

The major benefit of white fillings is that they are free of mercury, which makes them a healthier option. The can be used for enamel and dentin bonding to fill the holes within the teeth and can also be used to reshape the teeth to their natural form and shade. The filling also strengthens the structure of the tooth and does not expand or leak like the amalgam filling.

The Filling Process

As a first step of the filling process, the dentist will clean the surface of the teeth. Tartar and plaque build- up will be removed to make the tooth ready for the filling. Next cotton rolls will be placed around the tooth, to get it properly dried. After that, phosphoric acid gel will be rubbed on the tooth in order to get the surface etched. This will facilitate better bonding of the composite.

After the tooth is ready to receive the filling, the dentist will select the dental composite, which will be shaped into a white filling and a light is used to set the filling in place.

For more information on white fillings please contact us at Kent Smile Studio near to Aylesford for more information.


Treating Missing Teeth For Patients Near Rochester

Every part of the body is designed to function at its best. Similarly, all the components of the mouth are vital for it proper functioning. Therefore a missing tooth would directly mean that the mouth is not functioning at its best. Missing teeth can stop you from sufficiently chewing your food. It could mean that – to make up for the missing teeth, the remaining teeth are working extra hard and might start wearing out. In some cases the person with the missing teeth might need to eliminate certain kinds of food, due to the inability to chew it well.

Problems with missing teeth

Also the teeth located to the adjacent of the missing teeth will start moving towards the area where the tooth is missing. For example, if the tooth from the lower jaw is missing, then the tooth from the upper jaw will slowly start growing towards the area where the tooth is missing. This phenomenon is called super-eruption or extrusion.

Additionally, the teeth located on either sides of the missing tooth would start drifting towards the space of the missing tooth. This will make it difficult to properly clean the teeth and can easily cause decay or other dental problems.

Bite function

The bite will also be affected and it will have an effect on the external shape of the mouth. The mouth and the cheek muscles will sink in the area of the missing tooth, causing major cosmetic problems. There is no doubt that the self esteem and self image of the individual with the missing tooth will be affected. The longer the missing tooth area is kept empty, the complex and expensive it would get to make the replacement. For help and advice about treating missing teeth please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near to Rochester.

Patients Near Gillingham Get A Natural Looking Appearance With Our Beauty Treatments

You can now easily reduce the signs of ageing with the latest non surgical techniques. The techniques are often painless and long lasting and can be done in a single visit. You can use this technique to make your lips softer and fuller. It can also eliminate creases and lines from your face.

Using Dermal Fillers and Botox, treatments are now offered for:

  • Lips
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Eyes
  • Forehead

The aim is to make you look naturally young and beautiful.

Beauty treatments

Wrinkles: With the use of Restylane and Botox, your facial looks can be easily improved, making you look naturally beautiful for a long period. Whether you would like to get rid of the smoker’s lines or would like to correct the deep frown lines. The solution offered by Restylane and Botox will give you the best results. Dermal fillers and Botox can treat many lines such as smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.

Lips: Fuller well shaped and nicely defined lips are highly desirable. They easily catch the attention of the eye and become the centre of attention during a conversation. Restylane® can be used to make the lips very attractive, it can make the lips get the defined Cupid’s bow look, making you look naturally sensuous. It can increase lip volume and recontour the face as well as other benefits.

Face contouring: As people grow older the shape and the volume of the face decreases. This decrease in volume can sometimes make you look older than you really are. Using Restylane®, the cheeks and the chin can be enhanced to get a young and defined look. With a stronger cheek bone definition and a well defined jaw and chin line, you are sure to have a youthful looking face. For more information on beauty treatments at Kent Smile Studio near To Gillingham, please contact us today.


Patients Near Chatham Ask;Are Braces Painful?

The short answer is no. There will be a constant degree of pressure on the teeth in order to move them, and to begin with the mouth, gum or tongue may feel a little sore but there is no actual pain involved with braces.

Clearstep Braces

If you want to avoid metal brackets and wires from rubbing on your lips, you could opt for Clearstep invisible braces. These are clear, thin plastic aligners and can be easily removed to clean the teeth, and due to their design they will not cause any soreness in the mouth. Like any form of oral device the mouth will need about a week or so to adjust with the change, but there will be no discomfort whilst wearing this type of brace.

Advantages of Clearstep

There are many advantages to having Clearstep invisible braces, the first and most obvious being that they are nearly invisible. Unless you tell someone you are wearing them they are least likely to realise it on their own. This makes Clearstep an excellent choice for self conscious teenagers and older patients who would rather have the treatment go unnoticed by people around them.

How does treatment work?

The treatment works by using a series of aligners to move the teeth from their starting position to the desired end position. Treatment times vary in length but usually average somewhere between 12 to 18 months. The aligners are usually worn for a period of two weeks, and then they are changed for the next set in the series.

Each aligner is custom designed for each patient, which enables the dentist to ensure that the teeth are moving in the right direction, it also allows adjustments to be made as and when necessary. These braces can also be used with teeth whitening gel, to ensure perfect shade for your teeth. If you would like more information on Clearstep contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near to Chatham.