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The Latest Technology Available For Patients Near Rainham

Technology and Teeth

Appointment cards, stickers, waiting areas, and the sounds of dental equipment are perhaps some of the more traditional things that spring to mind after hearing the word dentist. But this is the computer age, and it isn’t just the latest and greatest mobile phone handset that benefit from the endless advancement of technology.

Microchips and Appointment Cards

For those who don’t embrace technology, it is worth thinking about it as an assistant and a tool. The latest technology makes life easier, like sending a text message to a friend to check that they are okay. Life is just easier. We try to make your life easier, sending appointment reminders via e-mail and text message. A busy life doesn’t have to be a disorganised one, and we all need a little help sometimes. We have worked hard to develop our efficiency by implementing effective computer systems. Mistakes unfortunately happen in life, and we have reduced the possibility of making mistakes by using quality computer systems. Every treatment plan is up-to-date, has a clear progress status and shows any related costs. The financial aspect is predictable and consistent. We don’t want to surprise you. All communication is clear and recorded.

A Clear Picture

Any potential treatment has a video to demystify what lies ahead and to make the decision process simpler. Using the Nikon D200 extra-oral camera, a patient can get a clear picture of their teeth which makes describing what is hoped for much easier. The Nikon D200 extra-oral camera is also an invaluable tool in the assessment and diagnosing processes. And Kodak digital x-rays produce instant results, with reduced errors, and reduced radiation. Kodak digital x-rays safeguard patient safety and intra-oral cameras offer live pictures of the patient mouth, giving the viewpoint of the dentist to the patient, simplifying the explanation of any problems. To try out our modern technology why not contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham for an appointment today.


New Teeth In A Day For Patients Near Aylesford

The revolutionary system called Cerec, allows dentist to design and manufacture custom made dental restoration in a single day. Generally, the process of creating and fitting a new restoration takes around two weeks. During this period, the dentist will take impressions and moulds of the teeth of the client, which will be sent to the lab. After the restorations are created they will be fitted into the mouth of the patient. An important point to note over here is that, with Cerec the time required for the lab to fabricate a new restoration is eliminated since the dentist will be able to create the new one on-site.

The Process

State of the art software is used by the Cerec system to create 3D models of the client’s teeth. These models are later used to fabricate and manufacture the new dental restorations. Bespoke veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays can be created by the use of this technology. After the dentist has prepared the teeth of the client, pictures will be taken of the teeth using a specialised camera. The pictures are taken in place of the traditional moulds created using dental putty.

Once the dentist and patient have selected the tooth’s design, it will be sent to the on-site milling machine where the restoration will be manufactured. The process of milling generally takes around 30 minutes and after the restoration is made, it will be fitted and secured into place.

Benefits of Cerec

Speed is certainly one of the greatest benefits of the Cerec system. Within a single appointment with the dentist, the fabricating, manufacturing and fitting of the restoration can be finished. This significantly reduces the number of appointments with the dentist. Also the whole process can be completed by a single injection of local anaesthetic, which is certainly great news for many.

Other benefits include greater control for the patient and the dentist during the designing process, no requirement for temporary restoration and finally increased comfort for the patient. Contact Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford for more information on Cerec technology.


Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid For Healthy Teeth For Patients Near Aylesford

Eating Healthily

Keeping a close eye on our diet is something we all have to do at some point, or in some cases, at all points. But watching our waistline or thinking about an upcoming wedding or holiday shouldn’t be our only concern. If everyday life can be difficult, remember there is a war going on between bacteria and oral hygiene. It begins on the day you are born and will continue for the rest of your life.

An Enemy Called Plaque

Plaque is partly made up from bacteria that are always present in the mouth, but only forms when combined with saliva and food particles. Plaque feeds on starch and sugar, producing acid when it is nourished. Acid from plaque breaks down the teeth and can in time expose the inner nerves that are the heart of each tooth core.


Sugar effectively decays teeth, the duration and frequency of this decay can be easily controlled.  Sugar is present in many things – namely sweet foods and drinks. Sugar items include orange juice, jams, soft drinks, chocolates, sweets and many more. Sugar can be avoided for the most part but the smartest way to minimise decay is to limit sugar to meal times rather than erratic snack times. The reason for this is teeth are under attack for around an hour after eating sugar. By having sugar with meals, the teeth will not be under constant attack but during time slots chosen by you. After a meal, brushing or even sugar free chewing gum can help dilute the threat.

The Good, The Bad and The Starch

Decay can also come from starch but many people don’t realise that white bread, pasta and even rice can cause tooth decay. Simply picking up the wholemeal version will greatly reduce any starch decay. If you would like more advice about a healthy diet for teeth please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford.


Children’s Dentistry For Younger Patients Near Rochester

I Want a Sticker

Some people have never liked going to the dentist. Some people detest it. Others however look back to the golden age of getting a sticker for being a good boy or girl. As an adult, it is much easier to understand the importance of starting a good habit and keeping children in a positive mind set and what could be a better habit than looking after your teeth?

Children’s Dentistry

The sticker principle of rewarding a well-behaved child is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways that a modern dentist surgery helps promote a positive association between a child and going to the dentist. By a surgery communicating with parents, outlining planned treatment, children can get a basic understanding of what to expect in palatable terms. Sometimes a parent can attend with the child for a joint check-up, setting a positive example for a young patient with no negative associations of the sights and sounds of a working surgery.

Modern Dentistry

As with many walks of life, children’s dentistry has moved forward a great deal. A typical dentist is a multifaceted professional, trained to appreciate the needs of even the youngest patients. Distracting a child and involving eager young minds with great sensitivity and experience in equal measure. By establishing the importance of dental care in the child’s mind, preventing any unnecessary negative connotations, a lifelong focus on oral and general health doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Parenting is hard enough, but our professional team make this part of it a little easier. Contact Kent Smile Studio near Rochester for an appointment for you and your child.


Patients Near Gillingham Can Have Discreet Fillings For Cavities

Avoiding the Rotten Tooth Look

Have you ever noticed somebody yawning at a party, on the bus, or in the supermarket? Did you see what looked like rotten teeth before quickly realising that they were fillings? The old-fashioned filling is called amalgam. It is made up of a combination of metals including mercury. They can leak in the mouth, break teeth by expanding and weaken the structure of the tooth. Also, equally important, amalgam fillings are the complete opposite of natural teeth colour.

White Fillings

Not only are white fillings the opposite in appearance, there are very little downsides to them. White fillings can colour match existing teeth. They are not unsightly, white fillings are practically invisible. Being completely mercury free, tooth structure is not weakened. In fact, white fillings greatly strengthen the surrounding tooth. The strength and versatility of the filling make it ideal for a variety of dental situations ranging from cavities, gaps, chips, and restoring broken teeth. By virtue of being the same colour as the tooth, any future problem with the surrounding tooth is easier to see. This helps the dentist be extra proactive.

Applying White Fillings

The dentist carefully cleans the tooth surface, removing any plaque or tartar, to prepare for the filling bonding. Cotton rolls are used to dry the cleaned tooth. The gel is rubbed over the tooth surface to create a slight roughness that allows long-lasting adhesion for the white filling. The dental composite is shaped into a filling and put in position. Fillers are added to make the white filling and a curing light activates the compound, hardening the shaped filling into a natural part of the tooth. Finally, the dentist will polish the filling to complete the natural surface of the tooth. White fillings are not only durable; they help the repaired tooth to last longer too. If you would like white fillings contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham and arrange a consultation.


A Powerful Fast And Effective Whitening Treatment For Patients Near Chatham

Celebrity Smiles

It is a well-known fact that you don’t have to be a celebrity to get on TV. If you once went to the same school as a celebrity, there is a good chance that at some stage you will be eligible to star in one of the following TV shows – Celebrity Come Dancing, Celebrity Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Whether the stars of these shows are genuine celebrities or not, they generally sport a gleaming celebrity smile.

Celebrities Have Lots of Time

Very few people have an abundance of extra time, even Z-list celebrities.  That means treatment time is a major consideration. Kits are available for home treatment but work over hours, repeating the treatment many times. Self-treatment, although possibly cheaper, may not be very effective. A double treatment would cost double the price and still the result could be unsatisfactory. Aside from inconvenience and cost, home treatment kits can do more harm than good. When dealing with the human body, it’s often better to let the professionals take over. It could save you money and time.

Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening

Instead of risking health, there are three excellent ways to whiten teeth through your dentist. Home kits are available, and are superior to DIY versions. Porcelain laminate veneers can be fitted to existing teeth, and finally, the Rolls-Royce of teeth whitening; Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening.

How does it work?

Taking just 45 minutes, Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening can whiten teeth by 8 shades. A qualified dentist applies Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening gel and activates the gel with a laser light. Whether naturally yellow toned teeth, or stained through drinking tea or smoking, Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening is a quick, safe and effective way to get that celebrity smile. Contact Kent Smile Studio near Chatham for more information on Zoom! Whitening.






How Does The Dental Implant Process Work For Patients Near Rainham?

For many people dental implants are a great option when needing to treat gaps in their mouth. The first step is the consultation. This is a chance to run through options and possible treatments. This is also the place to understand whether implants are suitable.

What happens at that first consultation?

After being referred from elsewhere or within the surgery, x-rays are taken and the patient suitability is assessed. If implants can be fitted, the full course of treatment is explained and the costs are set out.

Missing teeth problems

The gum bone supports teeth and if any teeth are missing, the gum bone will not renew itself where missing teeth used to be. This thinning of the gum can mean there is not enough of the gum bone present to install an implant. Argumentation Procedures may be necessary to thicken the gum bone and allow the implant to be seated.

Fitting Implants

Implants are metal posts that are positioned where a normal tooth root would be. The patient can be awake during the procedure after having local anaesthetic or sedation to help make the experience more relaxing and comfortable. The implants are under the gum and the bone typically needs 3 to 6 months to form at full strength around the implant. After this period, a quick procedure under local anaesthetic exposes the implant for restorative treatment. The gums will need a couple of weeks to settle down before the final stage.

Restorative Treatment

During the exposure of the implants, impressions of the new teeth are taken and sent away to a specialist laboratory. The returned restoration can take many forms – a single crown up to a complete denture. In the case of a denture, the implants act like foundations and keep the dentures firmly in place. The final step is to attach the restoration(s) to the implants and allow the gums to heal. For more information on dental implants why not contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham.


Dental Phobia And How It Can Be Treated For Patients Near Aylesford

Fear of the dentist

Around a quarter of all people have a fear of the dentist. For some it is a fear of the environment, or for others it is a negative experience or a clash of personalities between patient and dentist. The sound of the drill and even the sight of dental equipment may be enough for others to feel a shiver dance up their spine. But those days have passed. Here, clinical expertise doesn’t just extend to dental work but to a welcoming environment. Yes, you have to go to the dentist but it doesn’t need to be a scary place. If it really is a scary place in the mind of the patient, various methods are there to help.

Support for anxious patients

With a relaxed, calm environment, trained staff immediately set a feeling of calm. Emotional support and understanding is every bit as important as other methods. For peace of mind, controlled methods of sedation ensure that treatment can be a straight forward and painless experience.

IV Sedation

Staff are on hand to talk nervous patients through every step of sedation, ready to answer any questions. IV Sedation is given intravenously; this form of sedation is excellent for patients undergoing invasive treatments such as dental implants. This would be given before treatment, deeply relaxing the patient throughout and afterward. Then, medication is given to gently ease the patient out of sedation. Despite being responsive, a patient under IV sedation will have only limited recollection of any treatment.

Other kinds of sedation

For patients afraid of needles, a sedative tablet can be taken orally before treatment. A similar feeling of calm is experienced and a final alternative is offered in the form of gas. The final thing to remember is that a sedated patient is never left alone. Your needs and concerns will always be listened to at every stage of the treatment. If you would like more information on treatments for dental phobia please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford for more information.


Discreet, Innovative Braces For Patients Near Rochester

The beauty of braces with ClearStep

Orthodontic treatment for misalignment, crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth is no longer limited to a couple of kinds of unsightly braces. A smile undergoing treatment doesn’t have to be hidden in metal. Clearstep is a clear plastic that clips over the teeth. And the real beauty of Clearstep is that it is discreet. So it doesn’t look like you’re having treatment even though you actually are.

Versatile treatment

After Clearstep has been fitted, the clear brace is in position for two weeks. It is then replaced every two weeks, using gentle orthodontic force to reposition the teeth in a comfortable time frame. Having been designed to be used in tandem with more complicated orthodontic treatments, a greater freedom is afforded to the wearer. The invisible Clearstep braces reduce the clutter of dual treatments, enhancing the confidence of the wearer. It is difficult to imagine just how thin the brace is without seeing Clearstep; literally wafer thin. And being custom-made for your teeth allows for an amazingly close fit.

How to get Clearstep Invisible Braces

After an initial consultation to establish suitability within the patient’s treatment needs – x-rays, impressions, and photos are taken. This is an important step in outlining the treatment path and understanding that Clearstep invisible braces are right for you.

Once the treatment is decided upon, you can enjoy a natural smile thanks to the discrete Clearstep system. And your smile can be further enhanced with teeth whitening gel, replacing any stains or discolouration with beautiful whiteness. Clearstep invisible braces are available to all ages, never coming between you and your smile. Enjoy a less self-conscious treatment, which do not affect speech or eating. And can be removed and replaced with ease, or used with other treatments. A Clearstep smile is a clear smile. Contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Rochester for more information.




Finance Offers To Help You Achieve A Perfect Smile For Patients Near Gillingham

Getting a celebrity smile can be expensive. Even improving a smile for self-esteem or other practical reasons can seem like an unmanageable money pit. The truth is getting a perfect smile through carefully planned and perfectly executed treatment isn’t just manageable, it’s available for everybody.

Financial flexibility

Supporting patients to achieve that perfect smile can be done not just with top-line treatment, but affordable payment options. With an interest-free option and cost plans to suit any budget, that smile is within any realistic budget. With plans that are suited to help patients manage more complicated and therefore costly treatments, ranging through orthodontic, dental implants, cosmetic work and various treatments that require multiple consultations.

How to get started

Once the required treatment has been established, the total cost will be outlined and agreed. This is the amount of credit that will be needed. Having applied, treatment can start once the credit company has given written confirmation. If the treatment costs less, the balance to pay will be reduced. And should extra treatment be required, this will be discussed prior to any go ahead.

Finance options

If additional courses of treatment are wanted, another payment plan may be started (via the normal credit application process). This means that treatment doesn’t have to be limited to correcting bite or a particular aspect of a smile, treatment can extend as far as the patient wants.

Keeping it simple

Speaking to a member of our team at Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham is the definitive way to find out which payment plans are available to you. The total cost of the treatment and the repayment duration would be deciding factors, but the APR would be either 0% or 7.9%. In everyday terms looking and feeling like you should could now be within everybody’s budget.