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A Younger Looking You To Start 2013 In Style For Patients Near Rochester

Our birthdays are a stark reminder that we are ageing, but so is the face that peers back at us in mirror and window reflections. If your wrinkles are making you feel old or you simply wish to refresh your look for a more youthful appearance in 2013, we offer Botox and Restylane treatment for proven facial rejuvenation.

Turn back the hands of time

It is not uncommon for both men and women to experience an increase in facial lines and wrinkles as time passes. Signs of ageing such as forehead and lip creases, wrinkles around the eyes and nose, and deeper lines in the cheeks and around the mouth – may be treated with safe and natural products that mimic the body’s way of restoring skin quality.

Dermal fillers

Botox and Dermal Fillers including Restylane work to relax facial muscles and volumise the skin to smooth out wrinkles so that these facial lines fade. With initial and maintenance treatment the skin rejuvenates and the complexion becomes smooth and youthful, enhancing facial appearance and expression.

An attractive new you in 2013 is sure to boost confidence and emotional health that makes us so much more attractive to others too. Ageing, exposure to sun, poor health and smoking may accentuate facial lines such as marionette lines and crow’s feet. Get in touch with Kent Smile Studio. We offer wrinkle-free solutions to:

  • Rejuvenate and smooth skin quality
  • Improve facial fullness and vitality
  • Enhance lip volume, shape and definition
  • Re-contour the face by defining the chin and jaw line while uplifting the cheeks

Our caring team of cosmetic experts at Kent Smile Studio near Rochester assess each person individually and discuss options with you to uniquely bring out the best in your natural beauty. We use medically proven products with youth-enhancing results for a younger new year you.




Discreet Fillings Which Won’t Hinder Facial Aesthetics For Patients Near Gillingham

Our facial expression and beauty is unique. The types of fillings we choose to restore tooth gaps, cavities and irregular shaped teeth may impact our natural facial aesthetics. Certain fillings, such as traditional amalgam fillings, may be noticeable when smiling and detract from appearance.

Kent Smile Studio offer patients choices in cosmetic white fillings to enhance dental function and facial aesthetics. The white composite or porcelain fillings blend with existing tooth colour for a natural-looking smile. Combining skill, creativity and care, our dentists involve patients in their options to match white fillings in texture and form to existing tooth structure, restoring tooth quality.

White composite fillings

White fillings may be formulated with white dental composite and synthetic resin to replace older amalgam fillings that may pose a risk of mercury toxicity. Damaged teeth and misshaped teeth may be re-sculpted with white composite fillings to strengthen tooth structure and bring out best dentition appearance.

White porcelain fillings discreetly match existing tooth characteristics, improving dental alignment and smile features. Individuals benefit from white fillings through:

  • Restoration of damaged teeth
  • Replacement of unhealthy mercury-containing amalgam fillings
  • Filling of cavities, prevention of dental decay and tooth loss
  • Improved bite function and oral health
  • Enhanced dental alignment and smile
  • Confidence in dental wellbeing and self-image

White fillings include surface and deeper dental fillings. Where extensive filling is needed, inlays, onlays or crowns may be recommended at Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham. Through initial consultation, our qualified dentist assesses your oral health and discusses treatment options with you. Once you have all the information you need to make a decision about white filling dental restorations, we arrange a suitable appointment for treatment. Using advanced technology, such as a LED curing light, the filling bonds to existing dentition and blends with natural tooth appearance for a beautiful smile.




Straighten Teeth Discreetly With Invisible Braces For Patients Near Chatham

The Orthodontic Team at Kent Smile Studio carefully evaluate the types of braces available to straighten teeth that are protruding, over-crowded or irregularly spaced. We look at the benefits, risks and costs in orthodontic treatments so that the right choices are available to meet the teeth straightening needs of individuals.

Invisible braces systems

One of the options we offer in invisible braces systems is Clearstep, a modern braces solution that allows individuals to have teeth straightened fast and discreetly without it being obvious to others. Clearstep delivers proven orthodontic results, improving not only dental health but facial expression and smile.

The reason that Clearstep is a modern favourite in teeth straightening treatment for mild orthodontic conditions is because of its fine, transparent plastic design. Clearstep positioners are custom-made from personal oral specifications to comfortably fit onto your teeth and to gently straighten the teeth over a series of two-week intervals.

The alignment process

Dentists recommend Clearstep for mild teeth straightening needs and to use with other treatments for more severe orthodontic conditions. The versatility of Clearstep invisible braces makes it an obvious choice by dentists and patients. Invisible Clearstep braces may be combined with teeth whitening treatment, ensuring teeth look their best throughout the alignment process.

People from all walks of life and ages may be treated with Clearstep. The invisible positioners are easily removed and replaced as needed, not hindering appearance, activities, meals or communication. Being convenient and hygienic adds to the attractiveness of the Clearstep option.

Invisible braces treatments, such as Clearstep allow individuals to soon look and feel their best. Clearstep gives confidence, allowing for appealing first impressions and better social interactions. People from diverse backgrounds choose the Clearstep solution for straightening their teeth and brightening their smiles. Kent Smile Studio near Chatham provides holistic cosmetic and dental care to meet personal needs and goals.




How Can Patients Near Aylesford Improve The Health Of Their Teeth In 2013?

The start of a new year is the time to reflect and make positive changes. Our health is often a focus as we become aware of the need to improve our well-being  Having bright white healthy teeth makes us feel good and boosts our attractiveness to others.

Oral health screening is a way in which we may:

  • Learn about our oral and dental health to combat tooth decay and gum disease
  • Understand how our nutrition and diet impacts overall and oral health
  • Have our teeth scaled, cleaned and polished for a fresh start in oral hygiene
  • Be assessed for early signs of oral illness, such as gum disease and mouth cancer
  • Correct improper bite and have teeth straightened to improve facial aesthetics
  • Find out about improving our smiles through smile makeovers

The year 2013 marks an exciting time for change. At Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford we offer a holistic approach and personalised care to help you achieve those healthy New Year resolutions. By contacting us you may find out ways in which we offer supportive cosmetic and dentistry services. These services include:

  • Initial consultation for oral health assessment
  • Oral hygiene and professional dental cleaning
  • Gum disease and oral cancer screening
  • Orthodontic care and invisible braces systems such as Clearstep
  • Professional and home teeth whitening to remove stains and discolouration
  • Missing teeth replacements, such as crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants
  • Dental veneers to restore and reshape teeth, improve dental alignment and mask discolouration

Our friendly team look forward to meet you and to listen to what you want to achieve for dental and health improvement in 2013. At Kent Smile Studio we improve oral health and give aesthetically pleasing smiles.

Enhance Your Smile With Celebrity-Loved Veneers Near Rainham

Dental veneers are an option to mask dental discolouration or to align teeth that are mildly out of symmetry. Where once only celebrities could choose veneers to enhance the quality of their smiles and natural beauty, Kent Smile Studio offers all the opportunity to have a beautiful smile.

Through investing in the latest technology, materials and expert skill, Kent Smile Studio near Rainham offers the highest standard of composite or porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are shell or wafer-like and delicately sculpted to bond over existing tooth surface, reinforcing the tooth while enhancing tooth quality and appearance.

Custom made veneers

Each veneer is custom-made to suit a person’s unique oral dimensions. Individuals are engaged in the process and involved in choices of dental veneers and smile design. Veneers may be directly moulded to the tooth surface or may be made bespoke in a dental laboratory.

Our veneer dentist assesses a person’s suitability for dental veneers and discusses all options and alternatives so that the best choice may be made for improved oral health and facial aesthetics. We use cutting-edge digital equipment for precise images and measurements used for making personalised dental veneers.

The veneer treatment process

The process involves minimal tooth preparation so that that the veneer composite or porcelain securely bonds to an etched tooth surface. Adjustments may be made where necessary for the right shape and fit. Individuals are involved in matching the right tooth shade of veneer to existing dentition. Once bonded in place, dental veneers look like natural teeth, beautifully aligned and polished white.

Dental veneers are chosen by individuals desiring to improve tooth quality, their smile expression and natural beauty. Individuals often select the finest porcelain veneers to enhance their appearance for best career presentation and opportunities. Porcelain veneers give natural attractiveness and confidence allowing individuals to make the best impressions.





Signs And Symptoms Of Gum Disease For Patients Near Rainham

Gum disease may gradually creep upon us and we may not be aware initially that we have the condition. Nowadays, dentists offer screening for early detection of gum disease and oral cancer. At Kent Smile Studio we encourage individuals to use our screening services for prevention of gum disease.

Although we are all at risk of developing an oral cancer particularly if we are in poor health or have developed smoking habits, any one of us at any time may develop gum disease.


Gum disease is characterised by certain symptoms and usually starts with what is known as gingivitis or gum inflammation.

The signs and symptoms of gingivitis are:

  • Red, swollen and inflamed gums
  • Gums that bleed with teeth brushing or eating

If left untreated, gingivitis may develop into a further more serious gum disease known as periodontitis that causes tooth loss and threatens overall health.


Periodontitis is infection of the tooth sockets and degeneration of the periodontal ligament that attaches our teeth between the gum tissue and the jaw bone. Once infection sets into the gum tissue from untreated gingivitis, the inner tooth pulp and tooth root canals may become infected.

Signs and symptoms that characterise periodontitis are:

  • Loose teeth or tooth loss
  • Foul breath and taste in the mouth
  • Receding, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers
  • Tooth abscess

Some people experience overall malaise with periodontitis, such as fever, headache and nausea. If left untreated the infection may spread through the blood stream causing not only multiple tooth loss but conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Kent Smile Studio near Rainham is a warm and friendly environment with screening for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum diseases. Our team of caring clinicians offer a holistic and personalised approach to patient care.


All-On-Four Dental Implants At Kent Smile Studio Near Aylesford

Leading in dental implant solutions to secure replacement teeth, Kent Smile Studio offer the new All-on-four dental implants for securing crowns and dentures. Our aim is to give patients the latest in modern choices to replace missing teeth.

The All-on-four dental implant system revolutionises dental implant treatment in a number of ways:

  • Same-day replacement teeth that are just like natural teeth
  • Strong, stable and secure replacement teeth for normal oral function
  • Only four dental implants fitted to the upper, lower or both dental arches to replace missing teeth
  • Improved bone fusion and dental quality for better health
  • Greater control in oral activities such as eating and speaking
  • Enhanced confidence in interactions with others and self-image

These benefits of the All-on-four dental implant system may be enjoyed at a £4,000 discount when receiving All-on-four dental implant treatment at Kent Smile Studio. Individuals who have suffered tooth loss due to injury, tooth decay or gum disease have personalised care without having to wait long periods for quality replacement teeth.

Missing teeth treatment

Leaving missing teeth or tooth gaps untreated may not only impact tooth alignment and oral health, but bone health and facial features. Having dental implants fuse at a 45 degree angle with the existing jaw bone to serve as natural tooth roots, reinforces the jaw line and cheek bones, supporting facial volume and expression.

At Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford we make recommendations in the best interest of those seeking dental care. We listen to your needs and discuss treatment choices. We offer affordable payment solutions for timely improvement of oral health and facial aesthetics.

Options, such as All-on-four dental implants, preserve natural beauty allowing a person to feel and look good. Our approach is holistic, and aimed at meeting diverse needs of those in our care.





Patients Near Rochester Can Learn All About Our CT Scanners

Kent Smile Studio serves a modern populace who demand the best in cosmetic and dentistry treatment, technology and care. Investment in our in-house Sirona XG3D scanner is in line with meeting the needs of our patients and expertise of our clinicians.

The in-house Sirona XG3D scanner allows our clinicians to obtain high resolution images for precise diagnosis and oral specifications used to create bespoke treatments including dental restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures.

Accurate evaluations

Although conventional X-rays serve a particular purpose in dentistry, the Sirona XG3D scanner allows for more accurate evaluations, advanced precision in treatment, and faster treatment times. By incorporating the Sirona XG3D in patient care, we raise the standard of diagnosis and treatment, including shared cost-savings.

Both patients and clinicians benefit from the scanner’s capacity to provide cutting-edge 3D images within a 14 second timeframe. Examples where the Sirona XG3D is used include 3D images taken to assess signs of oral disease, to provide jaw dimensions for dental implants and dentures, and to evaluate orthodontic treatment needs. The scanner facilitates early diagnosis before conditions deteriorate and may be used to accurately guide dentistry treatments.

Advantages of the innovative scanner

Another advantage is that clinicians may use the detailed images to educate patients about their oral health and dental treatment needs. Patients learn from dentists through visual representation obtained from the 3D Sirona scans and may even use such images to create their own smile design! Clinicians are able to better engage patients in treatment choices and place their minds at rest about their dental care.

At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester we are proud to offer this latest innovation in scanning technology. The Sirona XG3D is safer to use as it emits lower doses of radiation, reduces number of appointments needed, shortens treatment time and provides a higher level of effectiveness in care.






What Does A Dental Hygienist Do For Patients Near Gillingham?

Our dental hygienist at Kent Smile Studio is an invaluable member of our team, supporting clinicians and treating patients with a broad array of needs. We often think of dental hygienists in terms of their teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing function. However, dental hygienists do much more including ensuring a sterile environment and accurate dental record keeping.

Dental hygienists at Kent Smile Studio

The dental hygienist at Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham works closely with and under the supervision of the dentists. Patients requiring support such as for dental phobia are given care and encouragement by the dental hygienist. Teaching proper teeth brushing technique and care of oral appliances such as braces and dentures is part of their role.

Dental health education and early screening for oral disease forms a pivotal part of the dental hygienist activities within the practice and community. Our dental hygienist explains the links between oral care and prevention of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Dental hygienists screen for early detection of oral diseases such as cancer, caries and periodontitis. They provide support to those with gum diseases and severe orthodontic conditions in maintaining healthy oral hygiene standards.

A thorough mouth check-up

Dental hygienists strive to prevent gum disease. Many people benefit from advice about lifestyle choices such as diet or nutrition and smoking cessation in improving oral health and well-being.

Dental hygienists may take oral impressions, radiographs and 3D digital images for use in a range of dental and cosmetic dentistry procedures including custom-made dental implants, invisible braces and veneers.

The dental hygienist may provide treatments to prevent tooth decay, such as applying fluoride or fissure sealant to developing or damaged teeth. Parents who need help teaching their children proper oral hygiene practice and importance of oral care often contact our dental hygienist.



Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Oral Health Near Chatham

We develop oral health habits and perceptions about the importance of oral health during our childhood. From infancy dental structures start to form and require care. Some children are born with conditions such as cleft palate and some with learning difficulties develop orthodontic disorders that may impact nutrition and speaking ability.

At Kent Smile Studio near Chatham we offer parents early opportunities to learn about children’s oral health and how to teach children its importance. For those with and without dental irregularities identified in childhood, it is particularly important to understand oral care and impacts on overall health.

Ways to teach your child the importance of oral health:

  • Set aside time for daily oral hygiene practice
  • Encourage children to choose their oral care products
  • Use fun examples to teach children the function of oral care products
  • Explain impacts of oral care on health in story or picture form
  • Show children the link between nutrition, healthy teeth and body
  • Have regular visits to the dental hygienist for updates on oral health care for children and to learn proper teeth brushing technique
  • Keep up frequent dental appointments to check for cavities and keep dental decay at bay

Spending time with a child to check their teeth brushing technique will help you correct their practice according to dentist-recommended methods. There are different oral care products for children with fun characters and interesting flavours. Children with dexterity problems may need special toothbrushes or electric tooth brushes may be more suitable.

Introducing children to oral healthcare options allows them to feel more in control in ownership of their oral care. Giving children examples of impacts of smoking and nutritional choices may help them experience better wellbeing in adulthood preventing conditions such as oral cancer, gum disease and diabetes.