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Change Your Diet For Healthier Teeth This Summer Near Rainham

Summer time can often mean ice cream and frozen fruit lollies, which although delicious, can play havoc with your teeth.

However, there are a number of beautiful, cool and summery foods that can actually be beneficial to your teeth, meaning a summer of sweet treats and beautiful smiles.

Strawberries and whiter teeth

The strawberry is a sure fire sign that summer is here, but did you know that this delicious little fruit does more than just go well with cream? Add a little back soda to strawberry pulp and then brush it gently over your teeth and you have just created a low cost and natural tooth whitening solution. Save a few strawberries from the punnet for beautiful white teeth to eat the rest of the berries with.

Apples and a cleaner mouth

Apples are sweet, delicious and high in fibre, which makes them good stimulators of saliva, ideal for cleansing and cleaning the mouth. Saliva is integral to the health of the mouth, neutralizing acid and washing away bacteria. When chewing on a crunchy apple you are stimulating the amount of saliva present, thus helping to clean the mouth even more thoroughly. Although sugary in taste, apples also have a high water content, which offsets their sweet nature.

Yoghurt, the tasty teeth healthy way to eating dairy

As your teeth are made of calcium it seems pretty obvious that we need calcium in our diet. Ice cream however, may not be the best way to boost our calcium levels, but yoghurt is both cool and delicious and can help promote healthy, calcium rich teeth, without the added sugar of ice cream. Top off your yoghurt with the strawberries and apples we’ve already mentioned and you’re off to good, tooth healthy start this summer. For more information on oral health please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham.


Finance Options We Offer For Patients Near Gillingham

Dental costs can be expensive and can spring on you unexpectedly, whether yours or a family member’s tooth have suffered sudden decay or injury. However, today there are many finance options available to help you cover the cost of dentistry, whether you are looking to mend a tooth or brighten a smile.

What can I use the finance options to pay for?

You can use your finance options to pay for nearly all dental treatments, but it is best suited for the payment of treatments that are usually expensive, such as tooth whitening, invisible orthodontics, dental implants etc.

Who can benefit?

If you are over 18 you could benefit from one of our finance options and you don’t even have to be a regular patient at the Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham.

How much can I borrow and how much will I pay?

You and your dentist will discuss the treatments you would like and come to a suitable amount and repayment time. The 0% facility on the Medenta payment options means that you will pay the exact amount for your treatment-no more, no less ; completely interest free with no hidden costs.

How do I pay back the money?

We believe that affordable monthly fees are the best and easiest way, via Direct Debit.

What happens if my treatment costs more or less than we agreed?

If the treatment is to cost more another payment plan can be discussed and put into place to help you with your costs. If, on the other hand, the treatment costs less, you will be refunded to you.

Can I use Medenta more than once?

You can use our 0% interest plans for any treatment if your credit rating is found to be good.

The plans can be spread out between 12, 24 or 36 months and are one of the best ways to insure that you get the treatments you want, at manageable prices.

If you would like more information on the Medenta payment plans please call into the practice today.

Patients Near Chatham Ask; How Does IV Sedation Work?

Dental phobia affects many people and for some it keeps them away from the dentist until they are in terrible pain. However, patients at Kent Smile Studio can benefit from our amazing IV sedation, to help them through their treatments and on their way to healthier happier smiles.

What is IV Sedation and how does it work?

IV sedation differs from anaesthetic in that you are awake and conscious during your treatments. However, you do not feel any pain or feel any anxiety and instead feel calm and relaxed. The solution is applied with a small injection to the back of the hand, after which you are allowed to relax and enter into the sedated state, after which your treatment will be completed.

Will someone have to come with me?

IV sedation doesn’t affect you as much as anaesthetic, where you wake up feeling groggy and completely disorientated, but just on the safe side you will need someone to take you home after treatment. Some compare it to being drunk and we all know drinking and driving isn’t the best idea, especially after dental treatment!

Does it help dental phobic patients?

IV sedation has help many, many of our dental phobic patients receive the treatment they need. The pain of the injection is very small in comparison to the pain of a rotten tooth and throughout and after your treatment you will feel no anxiety or pain. We also always take our time with every one of our patients and will go as slowly or quickly as you feel comfortable with.

If you are nervous and would like to discuss your IV sedation options, please feel free to call the practice and arrange a consultation. We are eager to help any who have a fear of the dentist overcome their phobia and achieve the healthy, happy smile they deserve.



The Benefits Of Choosing Kent Smile Studio Near Rochester

Kent Smile Studio are dedicated to the happy smiles of their customers, something they achieve through investment in the best and newest dental technology and treatment, but also in the use of plain old-fashioned values.

Listening to our customers

The Kent Smile Studio has some of the best dental practitioners in the country, but only you know what you truly want from your teeth and smile. This is why we involve all our clients in the decision making process whatever you are visiting us for. We take the time to explain every treatment available, so you can make a thoroughly informed choice. We also value your input in the creation of your new smiles, involving you in the choice of colour and shape of your new teeth. We also pay especial attention to those of our patients who find dental work a bit nerve-wracking. At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester we go at the speed our patients’ feel comfortable with and we offer sedation options to help those who are especially nervous.

The newest dental technology

To provide you with the very best in dental work, we have invested in a range of technologies, which heighten the natural aesthetics of your teeth, while decreases feelings of anxiety or pain. Some of the new technologies we provide are:

CT scanner: The scanner is able to take high contrast images of your teeth and mouth in only 14 seconds! The images are of the highest quality, so we can spot and treat even the smallest of problems, before it has chance to proliferate.

Cerec: Our Cerec machine allows us to take an impression of your mouth, design crowns and veneers and then process them, all within one visit. Our Cerec machine is onsite, so you don’t have to wait for your new smile for weeks or months and can be fitted with your beautiful new grin on the same day as your visit.

Powerlase: Our Powerlase laser is used for a number of different treatments, from removing tooth decay before the placement of fillings or crowns, to trimming away diseased gum tissue and also for the aesthetic treatment of ‘gummy smiles’. The laser is a great deal neater than the instruments usually used and allows for faster healing times.

Braces And Overbites Treatment For Patients Near Rainham

Today’s braces are more effective and more discreet than they used to be; able to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, including overbites.

What is an overbite?

An overbite involves the top arch of teeth extending much further forward than the bottom arch. Everyone’s top set of teeth extend beyond the bottom set, but those with overbites have a greater distance between the two sets of teeth, often leaving them with ‘buck’ or protruding top teeth.

How can braces alter an overbite?

There are many different types of braces and so many different ways of treating an overbite. Metal, fixed braces use wires and brackets to create pressure to push the teeth into place and may sometimes require tooth extraction to create the necessary spaces. Other brace systems, like the clear aligner systems, gently encourage the teeth into their new position, while sitting completely unnoticed in the mouth. The brace system your dentist suggests will all depend on your orthodontic situation and, of course, personal preference. If you are looking for speedy treatment you may want to opt for the fixed brace system, but if you are looking for a discreet and unnoticeable brace experience you may prefer invisible aligner systems.

What are the benefits of braces?

A straighter smile is often not only attractive, but also healthier than a crooked smile, as less tooth debris and bacteria can find a home between the nooks of your teeth. A straighter smile is also more efficient at chewing food, with a more effective bite meaning easier eating.

If you would like to discuss the orthodontic options at the practice, please feel free to call in any time at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham; we would love to find the best brace options for you to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


How Does The Dental Implants Process Work For Patients Near Aylesford?

Gum disease, tooth decay and injury can all lead to tooth loss, but today’s modern technology means this doesn’t have to be the end of your smile. At Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford we offer the very best in dental implant treatment and have restored the smiles of many happy patients.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a combination of replacement teeth and tooth roots. First a post is fixed into your gums to act as a new root and, after it has fused with your jawbone, a crown or bridge is fitted to act as a new tooth or teeth.

How does the dental implant process work?

The first step of your dental implant treatment is to assess your gums and jaws. If you have suffered some bone loss (which often happens after tooth loss) then you may need some augmentation before the implant work can begin. After, a post or posts are fitted into your jawbone and the gums stitched back over to allow the implant and bone to fuse. This may take around 3-6 months. Once the implants are completely fixed your gum will be opened to reveal the post and after two weeks your crown or bridge will be fitted.

How long can they last?

If well taken care of dental implants can last for decades and unlike dentures very rarely need replacing.

What are the main benefits of dental implants?

As dental implants not only replace the tooth but also the tooth root, they are stronger, more long lasting and more natural looking then dentures or regular crowns and bridges. You need never worry about dental adhesives and pastes or about your teeth falling out at an inopportune moment! They dental implants also help strength the jawbone, as often, if left unfilled, the jawbone can deteriorate and weaken over time, potentially leading to tooth moment and further tooth loss.

Get A New Look This Summer With A Smile Makeover For Patients Near Rochester

Fancy a smile that shines brighter than the summer sun? Well at Kent Smile Studio near Rochester, we have a range of brilliant treatments for you, just in time for those glorious long days.

Teeth Whitening

A must have treatment for everyone looking to brighten their smile, teeth whitening can help you achieve a smile up to 10 times whiter in just one session. First a whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then activate with a special lightening lamp. This helps remove those tough, ingrained stains and reveal the glorious whiteness of your teeth. Complete in around an hour, teeth whitening is a quick and simple way to achieve a brighter smile this summer.


If the stains on your teeth are too deep for teeth whitening to work, never fear you have another option, also available at Kent Smile Studio. Veneers have been used for years to enhance and perfect the smiles of the Hollywood elite, but today they are available to all. Veneers are simply fixed covers for the front of your teeth, sculpted and tailored to your specific tooth size and colour. Veneers can also be used to straighten crooked teeth and fill in gaps, as well as a whitening solution. AND at the Kent Smile Studio, our veneers are custom made onsite, so you needn’t wait for weeks for your new smile. In just one visit you can be measured and fitted with a glorious new smile.

Dental Implants

For those who have suffered more than aesthetic damage and have lost a single or several teeth, then they need look no further than the amazing dental implant solution. Dental implants not only replace the missing tooth, they also replace the root, meaning your new smile will be durable as well as beautiful. We create the bridge and crown attachments onsite, so your new smile can be created at a high standard but with only a fraction of the usual time. Tooth loss needn’t mean the end of a beautiful smile at Kent Smile Studio.


Modern Laser Treatment For Patients Near Rochester

Modern dental laser treatment is amazing, able to treat a whole range of dental problems, both cosmetic and physical. At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester, we use the state of the art Powerlase system for the benefit of our clients.

What are lasers used for in the dental world?

The Powerlase laser can be used for a whole range of reasons, which includes:

  • Periodontal disease-the laser can cut away and remove decay gum tissue, which, if left untreated could result in multiply tooth loss.
  • Cavity preparation- Powerlase can also be used to remove decayed tissue from a tooth, which is the first step in preparing a damaged tooth for fillings or other restorations.
  • Root Canal treatment-lasers are one of the cleanest and most effective way of clearing away bacteria and debris, which is highly necessary before and during root canal treatment to prevent infection.
  • Cosmetic uses-the Powerlase laser can also be used to correct the appearance of the gumline, to create a higher line if the patient feels they have a ‘gummy smile’.

What are the main benefits of the Powerlase system?

There are numerous reasons for using a laser over other instruments, but the main ones include:

  • Neater results
  • Faster treatment
  • Quicker healing times
  • Pain-free-no need for injections
  • Reduced changed of scars
  • Not so intrusive
  • No need for stitches

The many benefits of dental lasers and the incredible results they can achieve mean that more and more patients are choosing lasers for their treatment. If you are interested in laser treatment for yourself or a family member please get in contact with the Practice; we would love to help you find the best and most effective treatment.



Which Patients Near Gillingham Can Benefit From Crowns Or Bridges Restorative Treatment?

If you have been unlucky enough to have suffered dental injury or decay, which may have damaged a tooth or even caused tooth loss, never fear; at Kent Smile Studio near Gillingham we have the perfection dental solutions.

Dental Crowns-What are the used for?

Dental crowns are a tried and tested solution to repairing dental decay that has proceeded beyond the help of fillings. When a tooth suffers decay holes appear, which can eat away into the material of the tooth. When a hole becomes very large a crown can be made to sit over the top of the tooth and prevent any more debris or bacteria enter the tooth, thus saving the life of the tooth for a number of years to come.

What else are Dental Crowns used for?

Dental Crowns can also be used for covering a stained or discoloured tooth, restoring a broken tooth, supporting a dental bridge and be fitting to a dental implant.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are the next step after dental crowns, in that they can replace an entire tooth if severe decay or injury has occurred. A bridge can be used to fill numerous gaps, as long as there are healthy teeth which it can rest on.

How does a Dental Bridge work?

Dental bridges use either one or two healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth, to support an arch of teeth, which will then sit in place and complete you smile. Dental bridges are made from a range of materials, including mental, composite, ceramics and plastics, all of which are crafted into a natural looking appearance.

What else are Dental Bridges used for?

Dental bridges are also used as fixtures for dental implants and whereas crowns are only able to replace one tooth at a time, dental bridges can be used to replace multiply missing teeth, for a complete and beautiful smile.

Whatever your restorative need, Kent Smile Studio has a beautiful, natural looking solution, whether you have suffered dental decay, tooth injury or tooth loss.


The Innovation Of The Cerec System For Patients Near Chatham

Today’s dental technology is amazing; producing long-lasting, beautiful results. The time it takes to achieve a gorgeous new smile has also changed and today, with the help of modern dental technology, you can achieve a glossy, gorgeous smile in next to no time. Cerec is one such device which is helping patients attain their beautiful smile without the weeks or months of waiting.

What is Cerec?

Cerec is the amazing dental technology and system used by dentists to design and create dental restorations in just one day. Using photographs of your teeth, rather than messy impressions, the dentists is able to create a 3D picture in the computer, which is then used to produce your own, bespoke, tailored dental crown or veneer amongst others

What are the benefits of Cerec?

Before Cerec, when you required a crown or veneer from your dentist first a mould would have to be taken, which would then be sent to a dental laboratory in order to create your restoration. This process could take many weeks and problems could occur with ill-fitting restorations, which would then need to be sent back, with another wait added on. With Cerec, you’re restoration is created in the practice, so you can be measured and fitted with your crown or veneer on the very same day. Cerec also removes the time spent on sending the restoration away for correction, as any changes can be made on site.

Bespoke dental design

One of the other benefits of Cerec, is that you are involved with the design experience and are able to help shape the appearance of your new teeth. Only when you and your dentist are happy with the look of your new tooth will the milling process begin, which one takes around 30 minutes to create your restoration. If you would like to know more about Cerec then do contact the team at Kent smile Studio near Chatham.