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Patients Near Rochester Learn About Our 12 Point Dental Health Check

When you visit the Kent Smile Studio for a check-up, you can expect more than just a quick look around. We like to assess the health of our patients’ mouth thoroughly, so we can keep an eye on any potential dental problems and spot the early signs of diseases like oral cancer. Also helping us in our quest to keep you happy, healthy and smiling is our state of the art CT scanner, which provides an in-depth view into even the smallest details of your mouth.

The 12 point dental health check

  1. How healthy do you consider your dental health?
  2. What particular aspects of your mouth and teeth are you worried about?
  3. Are you taking any medications and/or have any medical health conditions that may affect your dental health?
  4. Are you content with the aesthetic of your smiles; if not, what would you like to change?
  5. We then thoroughly check your teeth to check that they are strong and healthy.
  6. We look at the appearance and strength of your fillings/crowns and other restorations to see if they are still performing the way they should.
  7. We check the health of your gums, which is vital to the well-being of your whole mouth!
  8. We look for stubborn plaque, which can lead to dental decay and periodontal disease
  9. We examine the inside of your mouth, which includes the cheeks, tongue, roof and floor of the mouth and also the lips.
  10. We then check the outside of your mouth.
  11. We have a good look inside, between and under your teeth for any hidden problems.
  12. Finally-we check and assess how your jawbone is doing, which is essential to provide a stable smile.

If you live near the Rochester area and would like a dental check-up please pop into the practice, or give us a call.


Top Tips For Effective Oral Hygiene Techniques For Patients Near Rainham

In order to cut down on those visits to the dentist, you need to practice good dental hygiene. That’s easier said than done sometimes but there are a few tips that can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and make those trips to the dentist less regular.

Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

You need to brush your teeth twice a day in order to keep them clean and plaque free. Plaque build up can lead to decay if not removed and can also contribute to bad breath so freshening up your mouth with a good brush will be beneficial. Make sure you brush all sides of your teeth and take your time so as not to miss any spots. It is also a good idea to brush your tongue to remove any unwanted food debris and bacteria.


Dentists regularly recommend flossing for it can get into those tricky places that a brush simply cannot reach. Take an 18 cm piece of floss and gently rock it back and forth between your teeth as well as up and down. It’s best to try and carry this out twice a day as well for ultimate oral health.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Fizzy drinks and sweets can increase the risk of decay for they wear down your teeth and can lead to cavities. Try to limit your intake and balance it with plenty of water and vegetables. Not only will this improve your oral hygiene, it will also improve your overall health.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Make sure you keep up to date with regular dental appointments. Its very difficult for the untrained eye to recognize signs of decay or gum disease so if you visit the dentist on a regular basis, they can monitor the state of your teeth and should be able to catch any problems earlier. The longer you leave it, the more chance that damage is being done and the worse the treatment will be in the end. For a dental hygiene visit please do contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham, where we will be happy to help.


Children’s Dentistry For Younger Patients Near Rochester

I Want a Sticker

Some people have never liked going to the dentist. Some people detest it. Others however look back to the golden age of getting a sticker for being a good boy or girl. As an adult, it is much easier to understand the importance of starting a good habit and keeping children in a positive mind set and what could be a better habit than looking after your teeth?

Children’s Dentistry

The sticker principle of rewarding a well-behaved child is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways that a modern dentist surgery helps promote a positive association between a child and going to the dentist. By a surgery communicating with parents, outlining planned treatment, children can get a basic understanding of what to expect in palatable terms. Sometimes a parent can attend with the child for a joint check-up, setting a positive example for a young patient with no negative associations of the sights and sounds of a working surgery.

Modern Dentistry

As with many walks of life, children’s dentistry has moved forward a great deal. A typical dentist is a multifaceted professional, trained to appreciate the needs of even the youngest patients. Distracting a child and involving eager young minds with great sensitivity and experience in equal measure. By establishing the importance of dental care in the child’s mind, preventing any unnecessary negative connotations, a lifelong focus on oral and general health doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Parenting is hard enough, but our professional team make this part of it a little easier. Contact Kent Smile Studio near Rochester for an appointment for you and your child.


What Does A Good Oral Health Routine Look Like For Patients Near Aylesford?

People who wish to maintain good physical health may set themselves an exercise routine, or a diet routine. Keeping a high level of oral health is no different; if you wish to care properly for your teeth and gums, you should maintain a good oral health routine. In doing so, you are reducing the risk of serious diseases such as gingivitis, and problems such as the loss of teeth. This routine is not physically demanding, nor does it require expensive treatments or procedures. There are just four simple rules to follow:

Brush Twice a Day

It is common knowledge that brushing your teeth is paramount to keeping your teeth healthy. Set yourself two designated times to brush your teeth (such as first thing you do in the morning and last thing you do at night) so you will not forget. Brush for 2-3 minutes each time, and those with young children should supervise to ensure they are doing it properly!

Floss Twice a Day

There are some areas in the mouth that brushing may not reach. Bits of food can get stuck in between teeth and in small gaps just above the gums. If these are not removed, they can lead to plaque build up and serious problems. Floss twice a day to ensure they are abolished.

Cut Down on Sugar

Substances that are high in sugar, such as fizzy drinks, sweets and even fruit juices, can be very damaging for your teeth. Try to keep the intake of these to a minimum to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Consult the Professionals

Regular visits to the dentist are crucial in maintaining good oral health as they can spot early signs of problems and treat them immediately. Similarly, dental hygienists can be useful in helping you create an oral health routine to follow at home. For more information please contact us at Kent Smile Studio near to Aylesford.

What Happens to Patients Near Rainham During a 12 Point Private Dental Health Check?

The 12 point dental check is designed to reduce the risk of potential dental problems. It can highlight underlying dental problems and help you get it fixed, before it gets worse.  At the 12 point dental health check, the overall health of the mouth is checked for each of the following:

  1. How healthy you feel your mouth is?
  2. Do you have any concerns with your oral health?
  3. Are you taking any medication or do you have a condition that could negatively impact your oral health?
  4. Are you satisfied with the appearance of your smile?
  5. Your teeth will be examined to see if they are strong and healthy.
  6. If you have fillings or have used other teeth restorations, these will also be checked for their health and sturdiness.
  7. The health of your gums is very crucial for the long lasting of your teeth, so these will also be thoroughly checked.
  8. Any trace of plaque will also be looked for.
  9. The inside of your mouth will be examined for any health concerns, including the roof of the mouth, the floor, lips, cheeks and tongue.
  10. The exterior of the mouth will also be checked.
  11. The inside, between and under of your teeth, will also be checked for any issues.
  12. Finally the quality of your bone will also be examined, as they provide the vital support for the teeth.

Finally you will get a feedback on how healthy your mouth is and will be given details on how to improve and maintain your oral health. Information will also be given on how to avoid any future dental issues, like tooth lose, bad breath and other dental problems. If you would like more information on this or anything else please contact us at the Kent Smile Studio near to Rainham.

Oral Health and Children’s Dentistry For Patients Near Chatham

The dental health of children must be monitored from the very beginning. Prevention is always better than cure. It’s always good to know, how to ensure excellent dental health for your children, in order to avoid any painful condition in the future.

Check-ups for children

Regular dental check -ups are vital to maintain excellent dental health. It will allow the dentist to prevent dental conditions and will also give us a chance to find and eliminate a condition that is in its preliminary stage.  As with any problem, dental conditions are easier and less expensive to fix when caught at the initial stage. Apart from what the dentist can do, parents can also do quite a few things to ensure excellent dental health for their children.

Caring for the Dental Health of your child

Since the time the first tooth comes out from the gums, parents must begin with the regular brushing habit for their child. Smaller tooth brushes can be found that can easily enter the mouth of the little one. The bristles of these tooth brushes are not very harsh and can be used to gently clean the tooth.

Toothpastes for children should be used, as the child might still need to learn how to spit. Toothpastes with no dyes, foaming ingredients, sugar substitutes or sweeteners are the best.

Parents can also try to make the teeth brushing activity into a time of fun. This will make them eagerly wait for the activity and will leave a good impression of it in their mind, even as they grow older

Children love to snack; therefore it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure they do not snack on food with high sugar content. If children are taught to snack on healthy food from the very beginning, then they will continue to do so even after they grow up. Please contact us at Kent Smile Studio near  Chatham for more information.

Patients near Chatham, Medway can Stabilise Their Loose Dentures Using the All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment

Loose dentures can cause a range of dental health problems, from sore gums, bone degeneration and gum disease. They also do little to help you eat or talk in a natural manner and cause a great deal of embarrassment when they fall out during social situations.

However, there is a solution to the problem of loose dentures, which could take as little as a day to complete.

All on 4 dental implants

All on 4 dental implants are strategically placed implants, which are fitted at a 45-degree angle to hold dentures from the first day of their placement. Most implants take several months to settle into the jawbone, due to the vertical angle they are placed, however with All on 4 implants and their 45-degree angle this lengthy recovery time isn’t necessary and patients can walk out with a new set of teeth on the same day as their visit.

How do All on 4 dental implants work?

Traditional dental implant stabilisation for dentures required between 6-10 dental implants to hold an arch in place, however, with All on 4 only 4 dental implants are required, as they are placed at a specific angle, which allows them to support a full arch of teeth without the further aid of more implants.

The dental implants are fitted near the rear of the mouth using a 45-degree angle to fully stabilise the dental restorative of your choice, whether a denture or a bridge.

Who is suitable for the All on 4 treatment?

Most patients near Chatham, Medway and throughout the UK are suitable for the All on 4 treatment, however, if you are currently suffering from gum disease or have a lowered level of bone density in your jaw you may require treatment prior to the fitting of the dental implants.

To book a consultation to find out whether All on 4 dental implants are for you please call the practice to book an appointment.


Patients near Rainham can Greatly Benefit from the Sirona XG3D Scanner’s Fast 3D Results

Dental imaging is required for a number of reasons, including:

  • To check for hidden areas of decay.
  • To assess a person’s jawbone density for dental implant treatment.

However, regular dental imaging requires the use of x-rays, which do admit a certain level of radiation, which most patients try to avoid. Regular x-rays also take several minutes and even hours to develop and assess, which may mean you waiting around or having to return to the practice on another appointment.

The Sirona XG3D scanner, on the other hand, uses much lower levels of radiation and can produce highly detailed images in just 14 seconds.

What are the benefits of the Sirona XG3D scanner?

  • No need for patients to wait around for their results.
  • Lower levels of radiation than regular x-rays.
  • Highly detailed images, which surpass those produced using traditional x-rays.

The Sirona XG3D scanner helping with the placement of dental implants for patients near Rainham, Medway.

Dental implants are one of the most innovative dental treatments, which require a thorough understanding of a patient’s jawbone in order to aid the proper placement of dental implants. Using a Sirona XG3D scan allows dentists to view the health of the jawbone, to see if there are any areas of low density that need treatment.

If it is found that you suffer with low bone density then you will either need to choose another treatment or to undergo bone grafting, to improve the condition of your jawbone. This will then enable you to undergo the dental implant treatment and restore you smile with the long-lasting and effective results of dental implants.

If you would like more information on the Sirona XG3D scanner or are interested in dental implants, either to replace single or several missing teeth please get in touch with the practice, we will be very happy to help.

Benefits of White Fillings Over Amalgam Fillings for Patients Near Aylesford

For years metal amalgam fillings were the only choice to fill dental cavities, which not only looked ugly, but also carried potential harmful side-effects. However, today the majority of dental practices use white, resin fillings to restore the damage caused by tooth decay.

Benefits of white fillings

One of the main benefits of a white filling is that it will not leak and potentially cause harm as an amalgam filling does. Instead resin material is used, which restores the tooth just as well but without the fear of toxicity.

The other obvious benefit of white fillings is the fact that they are tooth-coloured and blend in with the rest of the teeth perfectly. Your dentist near Aylesford can also use fillings material on the front of the teeth to correct chips and cracks that may have occurred.

How are white fillings fitted?

First your dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth, ensuring that no plaque or bacteria remains. After this the tooth will be lightly etched using phosphoric acid gel, which will provide the ideal tooth surface for the filling to bond to. Your dentist will then mould the filling material and place it in the cavity, after which a curing light will be used to bond the resin securely with the tooth.

Your dentist will then finish off the treatment by buffing and polishing the filling so it blends in and feels like the rest of your tooth.

What if my tooth is too badly damaged for a white filling?

If your dentist feels that the decay your tooth has suffered is beyond the treatment of a white filling then an onlay or inlay will be used, which are created using a mould of your tooth to provide a perfect fit for your missing tooth material. In extreme cases of tooth decay, when root canal therapy is required a crown may be the only way to restore your tooth.

Maintaining Strong, Clean and Healthy Teeth Near Chatham

A good daily oral hygiene routine

The best way to maintain both the health and appearance of your teeth is to keep them clean and free of plaque. This is easy to do and only requires brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, using dental floss at least 3 times a week and using mouthwash after brushing. Many people near Chatham and the UK forgo the use of dental floss, but forgetting to clean a large portion of your tooth will allow dental bacteria and decay to eat away at the dental enamel. Interdental brushes are also a good way of removing plaque from between the teeth.

Food and your teeth

Your mouth is generally very good at neutralising acid, which protects the dental enamel from acid erosion. However, if you repeatedly subject your teeth to acid attacks throughout the day the effect of the saliva in your mouth lessens and your teeth can suffer. To combat this effect try to eat any sweet, sugary snacks, or drink acid drinks after a main meal. This will lessen the number of acid attacks your mouth suffers and will protect your teeth.

Generally lowering the amount of sugar you consume will help to protect your mouth from tooth decay and eating a piece of cheese after a sugary or acid meal will help the mouth neutralise the acid and stop acid erosion from occurring.

Braces and oral hygiene

Braces are the best way of straightening your teeth, however, they also heighten the risk of you developing dental health conditions, as the brackets and wires connected to the teeth increase the level of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. There are a number of dental instruments that can be used to clean orthodontic appliances, which are able to get in between the brace and the tooth to ensure that your smile is kept clean and healthy.