Patients near Chatham, Medway can Stabilise Their Loose Dentures Using the All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment

Loose dentures can cause a range of dental health problems, from sore gums, bone degeneration and gum disease. They also do little to help you eat or talk in a natural manner and cause a great deal of embarrassment when they fall out during social situations.

However, there is a solution to the problem of loose dentures, which could take as little as a day to complete.

All on 4 dental implants

All on 4 dental implants are strategically placed implants, which are fitted at a 45-degree angle to hold dentures from the first day of their placement. Most implants take several months to settle into the jawbone, due to the vertical angle they are placed, however with All on 4 implants and their 45-degree angle this lengthy recovery time isn’t necessary and patients can walk out with a new set of teeth on the same day as their visit.

How do All on 4 dental implants work?

Traditional dental implant stabilisation for dentures required between 6-10 dental implants to hold an arch in place, however, with All on 4 only 4 dental implants are required, as they are placed at a specific angle, which allows them to support a full arch of teeth without the further aid of more implants.

The dental implants are fitted near the rear of the mouth using a 45-degree angle to fully stabilise the dental restorative of your choice, whether a denture or a bridge.

Who is suitable for the All on 4 treatment?

Most patients near Chatham, Medway and throughout the UK are suitable for the All on 4 treatment, however, if you are currently suffering from gum disease or have a lowered level of bone density in your jaw you may require treatment prior to the fitting of the dental implants.

To book a consultation to find out whether All on 4 dental implants are for you please call the practice to book an appointment.


Patients in Aylesford, Medway are Surprised and Happy to Find they can have New Teeth in Just One Day with All on 4 Dental Implants

Losing an entire set of teeth whether due to trauma or dental decay is an upsetting experience for patients throughout the UK and Medway.

The only option to replace an entire set of teeth used to be dentures, however, with the advancement of dental implant treatments patients are now able to experience a feeling of security from their new teeth.  And for patients in Aylesford that feeling can be experienced in just one day, with the innovative and amazing All on 4 treatment.

How does All on 4 treatment work?

All on 4 involves the strategic placement of 4 dental implants, which are then used to hold a full arch of teeth. These implants are placed at specific angles, which provide a solid foundation for a bridge or denture without the need for months of healing.

Who is suitable for the All on 4 treatment?

The All on 4 treatment, or as it is also known, Same Day Smiles and Teeth in a Day, is the perfect treatment for patients who suffer with loose dentures and are looking to replace their teeth with something more permanent.

However, before we can confirm your suitability for All on 4 treatment we must first ensure that your gums and jawbone are in good health and able to support implants and a restoration. If you are found to be suffering with gum disease we will treat this first before the All on 4 treatment can begin and those with bone density problems can find the treatment they need with a bone graft.

Benefits of All on 4 treatment

There are numerous advantages of All on 4 restorations over other treatments, which include:

  • A strong and stable smile.
  • The ability to eat any food that you like.
  • No fear of loose dentures falling out.
  • No bone degeneration caused by loose dentures rubbing the jawbone.
  • A natural looking smile.
  • No need for months of waiting for your new smile.