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What Is Quicklase And How Does It Work Near Rochester?

At Kent Smile Studio we pride ourselves at utilising the latest in dental technology; if this technology happens to utilise lasers, then we are better for it, as lasers are fantastic!

What is Quicklase?

Aside from being something that lets this writer talk about Star Trek, Quicklase is also a laser based dentistry tool which resembles a pen. The Quicklase PowerPen can be used for gum contouring and sterilisation purposes, as well as being very helpful during periodontal and endodontic treatments.

What are the benefits of Quicklase?

The healing time post-laser treatment is comparatively smaller than that of a standard incision. Elbowing out those incisions also gives the boot to the risks of infection which such a cut would bring. The laser is also virtually pain free, meaning no need for an anaesthetic in some treatments and, subsequently, no need for those pesky injections! This also means no numbness post treatment; you can enjoy the work you’ve had done as soon as you leave. The easy use of the pen allows for an incredibly high degree of precision in the work of our dentists: With the Quicklase PowerPen, their natural skill and expertise can truly shine as they do not have to work against their instruments; they can work with them. If you are a stickler for sound, of sensitive hearing or suffer from dental phobia, then the sound of a dentist’s drill may have you running for the hills. Fear not reader! The Quicklase PowerPen works silently, thus eliminating those intimidating whirs.

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Quicklase is at the cutting edge of dental technology. If you want the most current treatment available, then make sure to contact Kent Smile Studio near Rochester when looking for dental treatment.



The Benefits Of Choosing Kent Smile Studio Near Rochester

Kent Smile Studio are dedicated to the happy smiles of their customers, something they achieve through investment in the best and newest dental technology and treatment, but also in the use of plain old-fashioned values.

Listening to our customers

The Kent Smile Studio has some of the best dental practitioners in the country, but only you know what you truly want from your teeth and smile. This is why we involve all our clients in the decision making process whatever you are visiting us for. We take the time to explain every treatment available, so you can make a thoroughly informed choice. We also value your input in the creation of your new smiles, involving you in the choice of colour and shape of your new teeth. We also pay especial attention to those of our patients who find dental work a bit nerve-wracking. At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester we go at the speed our patients’ feel comfortable with and we offer sedation options to help those who are especially nervous.

The newest dental technology

To provide you with the very best in dental work, we have invested in a range of technologies, which heighten the natural aesthetics of your teeth, while decreases feelings of anxiety or pain. Some of the new technologies we provide are:

CT scanner: The scanner is able to take high contrast images of your teeth and mouth in only 14 seconds! The images are of the highest quality, so we can spot and treat even the smallest of problems, before it has chance to proliferate.

Cerec: Our Cerec machine allows us to take an impression of your mouth, design crowns and veneers and then process them, all within one visit. Our Cerec machine is onsite, so you don’t have to wait for your new smile for weeks or months and can be fitted with your beautiful new grin on the same day as your visit.

Powerlase: Our Powerlase laser is used for a number of different treatments, from removing tooth decay before the placement of fillings or crowns, to trimming away diseased gum tissue and also for the aesthetic treatment of ‘gummy smiles’. The laser is a great deal neater than the instruments usually used and allows for faster healing times.

Modern Laser Treatment For Patients Near Rochester

Modern dental laser treatment is amazing, able to treat a whole range of dental problems, both cosmetic and physical. At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester, we use the state of the art Powerlase system for the benefit of our clients.

What are lasers used for in the dental world?

The Powerlase laser can be used for a whole range of reasons, which includes:

  • Periodontal disease-the laser can cut away and remove decay gum tissue, which, if left untreated could result in multiply tooth loss.
  • Cavity preparation- Powerlase can also be used to remove decayed tissue from a tooth, which is the first step in preparing a damaged tooth for fillings or other restorations.
  • Root Canal treatment-lasers are one of the cleanest and most effective way of clearing away bacteria and debris, which is highly necessary before and during root canal treatment to prevent infection.
  • Cosmetic uses-the Powerlase laser can also be used to correct the appearance of the gumline, to create a higher line if the patient feels they have a ‘gummy smile’.

What are the main benefits of the Powerlase system?

There are numerous reasons for using a laser over other instruments, but the main ones include:

  • Neater results
  • Faster treatment
  • Quicker healing times
  • Pain-free-no need for injections
  • Reduced changed of scars
  • Not so intrusive
  • No need for stitches

The many benefits of dental lasers and the incredible results they can achieve mean that more and more patients are choosing lasers for their treatment. If you are interested in laser treatment for yourself or a family member please get in contact with the Practice; we would love to help you find the best and most effective treatment.



The Benefits Of Powerlase For Patients Near Rochester

We offer our patients laser treatment with PowerLase so that they may experience pain-free treatment with faster healing times. PowerLase is the latest in laser technology systems aimed at improving the success of a range of dental treatments.

PowerLase enables more treatment options

By investing in PowerLase, Kent Smile Studio patients benefit from laser treatments for treatment and prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases, such as Periodontitis and Oral Cancer. Dentists may use PowerLase before filling cavities with white composite filler or porcelain.

PowerLase is a versatile system that may be used by Endodontists to provide root canal treatment prior to insertion of dental implants, crowns, bridges or dentures. Oral lesions and diseased gum tissue may be removed using this laser technology.

PowerLase may also be used in cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the gum line for a beautiful looking smile. Using PowerLase, our dentists combine their dentistry expertise, creativity and technology skill to deliver the highest standard of patient care.

PowerLase gives patients greater control over treatment

Besides giving pain-free treatment with quicker recovery times, PowerLase also lowers likelihood of scarring as sutures or stitches used in traditional surgery to seal incisions are not required. Risk of infection is reduced as laser treatment is sterile and accurately targeted for safer treatment.

Laser treatment with PowerLase replaces more invasive surgery involving drills and injections. Patients experience less anxiety about their dental care and a greater sense of control and confidence in their treatment. Patients suffering with dental phobia may experience greater peace of mind in treatment with PowerLase.

PowerLase saves time in preparation for treatment and dental procedures that reduces treatment times and saves patients money in long run. In some cases, fewer appointments are needed because PowerLase allows for pre-treatment preparation and combining of treatments. Contact Kent Smile Studio near Rochester for more information.

Dental Technologies We Offer To Patients Near Aylesford

The best dental practices keep abreast of innovative technologies to provide the highest quality in treatments and patient care. As leaders in dentistry and cosmetic care, Kent Smile Studio invests in a suit of technologies for the development of staff and benefit of patients.

Innovative technologies at Kent Smile Studio

Technologies play a vital role in dentistry in diagnosis, treatment and communications. Through using technology in our practice, we identify oral health conditions for timely treatment and effectively manage patient records with integrity.

Examples of our modern technologies include:

  • Sirona XG3D CT Scanner with high resolution 3D images
  • Koday Digital X-rays with reduced-radiation X-ray images
  • Nikon D200 Extra-Oral Camera for precise makeover pictures
  • PowerLase for smart laser treatments
  • In-house computer system
  • Social media for patient communications

Each of these technologies improves the standard of care we offer our patients. Using such technologies we are able to involve patients visually in understanding their oral health and treatment needs.

The CT Scanner’s 3D images are used to facilitate dental treatment preparation and procedures, such as for dental implants. When combining images with X-rays, dentists may obtain accurate measurements for operations and custom-making of dental restorations such as crowns and dentures.

Extra-oral pictures obtained from the Nikon D200 camera may be used not only in diagnosis and treatment, but in understanding patient expectations versus results in cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as smile makeovers. Patients receive pain-free treatments with non-invasive PowerLase laser technology.

Our in-house computer system is comprehensive for accurate patient records, provision of services, and compliance with professional dentistry standards. Our systems allow us to provide patients with written treatment plans transparently outlining recommendations, benefits, risks and costs.

Using social media including texts and emails, we are accessible to patients for appointments, urgent care and feedback. For more information please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford.

High-tech Powerlase Treats A Number Of Dental Issues Quickly For Patients Near Chatham

Kent Smile Studio strives to provide patients with the most advanced techniques and treatments available today. Therefore the practice is excited to offer its clients the PowerLase laser treatment. This is an innovative and highly advanced laser treatment which can be effectively used against periodontal diseases and for a host of other dental treatments.

What is the PowerLase laser?

Laser technology has quickly become a must have for any dental practice. It uses the most advanced laser technology to effectively treat a number of dental conditions and problems like the following:

  • Root canal
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Removing unwanted gum tissues.
  • Removing lesions.
  • Removal of decay and diseased tissue

Benefits of PowerLase

For many of the dental procedures where laser technology is applicable, it is always preferred over traditional method. This is because it eliminates the requirement of incisions which generally increases the risk for infection. Since the need for incision is eliminated, the scarring is also reduced and stitches will not be required. The healing time is significantly reduced as well.

In terms of comfort during the treatment, PowerLase laser treatments are more comfortable than older treatment techniques. This is certainly good news for those who suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety. The use of PowerLase laser makes the treatment cleaner, accurate, safe and painless. The team will take all the necessary measures to make the patient feel as relaxed as possible during the treatment.

Due to the non-intrusive nature of the treatments that involve lasers, patient don’t even need to receive painful injections before or during the treatment. This makes the treatment less daunting for many patients. The equipment used for the laser treatment is not noisy, so the treatment will be quieter and you will not hear the daunting noise of the drill. For more information on PowerLase please contact the team at Kent Smile Studio near Chatham.

A New Way Of Treating Gum Disease For Patients Near Chatham

Gum disease is very unpleasant and can lead to the loss of teeth. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene should prevent gum disease but other problems can develop through no fault of a patient. And if gum disease does occur, traditional methods have been supported and sometimes replaced by new, quicker, less painful methods. One of the best is PowerLase laser treatment.

What is PowerLase?

PowerLase is a cutting-edge form of laser treatment. Now one of the most valuable tools in a dental surgery, laser technology is transforming the treatment of the following…

  • Removing decay
  • The removal of lesions
  • Trimming gum tissue when required
  • Root canal treatments

But it’s a laser

Yes, it is. A very safe and precise tool that can reduce the risk of scarring, increase patient comfort, shorten treatments – there is no need for stitching. Without making an incision, the risk of infection is massively reduced. Without stitching, healing times are much shorter. After all, nobody likes the possible discomfort following dental treatment. Why not reduce the length of it?

For more anxious patients, it’s worth thinking about the reduced requirement for injections. The treatment itself is painless and the machine is quiet. Saying that PowerLase makes the dental experience pleasant is not a stretch, it certainly makes the experience considerably less unpleasant. And anxious patients would be glad of that.

Whilst the idea of not hearing any drill noises is tantalizing for many, so is the reality of having no numbness. Many people can think of negative experiences with numbness following treatments. It can take quite a while for traditional treatments with the associated numbness to fade into memory, and avoiding the agonizing period of trying to cope with rubbery numbness is perhaps one of the biggest pluses of PowerLase laser treatment. If you would like to know more about PowerLase laser treatment contact Kent Smile Studio near Chatham today.


PowerLase-The Pain Free and Effective Solution to Gum Disease for Patients in Gillingham, Medway

Laser technology is swiftly become the norm in dental practices across Medway and the UK, as it provides pain-free and highly effective treatment for numerous problems with faster healing times and no need for painful stitches.

What can PowerLase treat?

PowerLase has numerous functions in aiding the health of your teeth and gums and can be used in the treatment of:

  • Gum disease-diseased gum tissue is accurately removed without the need for incisions and stitches, returning the health of your gums.
  • Gum contouring-patients who wish to improve the appearance of their gummy smiles will find the effective treatment they need with PowerLase. They will also require no stitching and the healing time is greatly shortened.
  • Removing tooth decay and preparing teeth-Teeth that have become decayed need to be treated before the problem spreads. Usually this would involve nosey, painful dental drilling, but with PowerLase this is not the case and decayed tissue is removed with ease and accuracy without the sound of the dreaded dental drill.

What are the main benefits of PowerLase?

There are numerous benefits to the PowerLase system, but our patients are most happy about:

  • The shorter healing times they experience after treatment, without the need to wait for incisions and stitches to close up and heal.
  • The comfortable dental experience, with patients never wanted to return to the whirl and pressure of the dental drill.
  • Not having to have their mouth numbed prior to treatment.
  • The greater level of accuracy and cleanliness.

PowerLase has been found to be especially helpful in the treatment of dental phobic patients, who are made nervous by the sound of the dental drill, the pain of drilling and dental injections.

PowerLase can help a range of patients, including those in Gillingham with different dental health problems achieve a healthy, beautiful smile without the pain, anxiety and long healing times of drill-dentistry.