Braces And Overbites Treatment For Patients Near Rainham

Today’s braces are more effective and more discreet than they used to be; able to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, including overbites.

What is an overbite?

An overbite involves the top arch of teeth extending much further forward than the bottom arch. Everyone’s top set of teeth extend beyond the bottom set, but those with overbites have a greater distance between the two sets of teeth, often leaving them with ‘buck’ or protruding top teeth.

How can braces alter an overbite?

There are many different types of braces and so many different ways of treating an overbite. Metal, fixed braces use wires and brackets to create pressure to push the teeth into place and may sometimes require tooth extraction to create the necessary spaces. Other brace systems, like the clear aligner systems, gently encourage the teeth into their new position, while sitting completely unnoticed in the mouth. The brace system your dentist suggests will all depend on your orthodontic situation and, of course, personal preference. If you are looking for speedy treatment you may want to opt for the fixed brace system, but if you are looking for a discreet and unnoticeable brace experience you may prefer invisible aligner systems.

What are the benefits of braces?

A straighter smile is often not only attractive, but also healthier than a crooked smile, as less tooth debris and bacteria can find a home between the nooks of your teeth. A straighter smile is also more efficient at chewing food, with a more effective bite meaning easier eating.

If you would like to discuss the orthodontic options at the practice, please feel free to call in any time at Kent Smile Studio near Rainham; we would love to find the best brace options for you to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


Modern Adult Orthodontics Available For Patients Near Rochester

When thinking of braces, many imagine big ugly looking metal braces that were used in the past. Those braces were very uncomfortable and could even cut the lips at times. From an aesthetic point of view, they were very unattractive and are completely responsible for the dislike connected with braces today. Thankfully, things are not the same now and braces have evolved into easy to use and comfortable orthodontic equipment. The modern orthodontics can be easily hidden and attract minimal attention.

Benefits of modern adult orthodontic treatment

The braces in use today are more comfortable and smaller than their older counterparts. They are designed to keep a low profile, and are less irritating to the lips. They carry very special contours that can make your treatment become faster and less painful. They use special plastics and bonding adhesives making metal braces a distant and to some extent a painful memory. Brackets and wires can be super glued directly to the teeth making them highly secure. Some braces might even seem invisible.

Clear braces

A special type of brace called “Clear braces” provides a great advantage over traditional metal braces. The material and design used to create these braces provide greater level of care, and help the patient undergoing the treatment look good. Many people around the patient will not even come to know that he or she is undergoing a dental treatment. This results in greater self-esteem and confidence. Clear braces are also easier to clean unlike the traditional braces. This greatly reduces the growth of bacteria in the mouth and avoids the transportation of bacteria to the rest of the body.

Braces do not need to be dull anymore and  if you are avoiding an orthodontic treatment due to the fear of discomfort or attracting unwanted attention, then you should change your stance and visit Kent Smile Studio near Rochester today.



No Embarrassment for Patients Near Rainham with Invisible Braces

When used as a verb the word ‘brace’ can mean to prepare oneself for impact or danger, as well as to furnish one with a brace: ‘Brace yourself’ can thus become a nightmarish image of dental self-administration and its terrifying warm up. What this seemingly cheap piece of word play illustrates is the abject horror that the word brace can conjure: Images of adolescent bullying and frontier train tracks flood forth from popular consciousness. Thankfully, ‘the brace face’ need not necessarily be the case…

Clearstep ‘invisible’ braces

If a crooked smile is causing embarrassment, but the idea of lengthy brace treatment doesn’t seem like much of an alternative, then Clearstep may have provided a solution to your troubles. Clearstep braces are made from wafer thin medical grade plastic and, as they are clear, will almost appear to be visible. They will also have little effect on your speech or eating habits and, thanks to the absence of wire and metal, will be far more comfortable than traditional brace treatment. They are also easy to remove and refit, bypassing any of the difficulties with brushing and flossing that standard brace treatment can entail. One added benefit of a Clearstep brace is that it is purpose built for use in conjunction with more major forms of treatment.

The process itself

Following an initial consultation, fittings for custom made positioners will be taken by your dentist and these positioners will then be fitted at your next session. The positioners apply gentle pressure to the teeth, carefully moving them into the desired position. The treatment works in increments, with a new set of positioners being fitted every two weeks. Treatment time varies from patient to patient, but should take between 9 and 18 months, which is the same length of treatment as standard braces.

Talk to us

If you are interested in treatment with Clearstep, then do not hesitate to call us at Kent Smile Studio in Rainham for a consultation!

Patients Near Aylesford Looking for Undetectable Braces to Straighten Their Smile will Love ClearStep

Braces used to mean thick wires and chunky brackets, which made you an instant outcast the moment you returned from the orthodontist. However, those days are far behind us and patients near Aylesford looking for ‘invisible’ brace treatment should look no further than ClearStep clear aligners.

What is ClearStep and how does it work?

ClearStep is an innovative brace treatment, which instead of wires and brackets uses clear plastic aligners to move the teeth into a better position. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks, after which you will wear the next aligner in the series. The next aligner always looks and feels slightly different to the one before and will initially feel tight until it begins to loosen over the course of the two weeks.

This change from each aligner encourages the teeth into their new position.

How long does ClearStep take?

The treatment time of ClearStep depends on your orthodontic prescription before your treatment, but usually takes between 9-24 months. Your dentist will be able to discuss this with you during your initial consultation.

What can ClearStep be used to treat?

ClearStep can be used for a whole range of orthodontic problems, including tooth misalignment, gaps between the teeth and crooked teeth. ClearStep is best for the treatment of mild to moderate conditions, but there are a number of discreet fixed brace treatments that can also be used to correct your smile, including Incognito lingual braces.

What are the main benefits of ClearStep braces?

  • Discreet treatment-using clear plastic means your treatment will remain completely invisible and you’d have to stand pretty close to even see a hint of the aligners.
  • Comfortable-wires and brackets can rub and irritate the mouth, causing sores and mouth ulcers. This isn’t a problem with ClearStep as the clear aligners are smooth, without potentially uncomfortable fixtures.
  • Removable-this allows patients to eat without worrying about food getting stuck in their teeth and also means patients can brush their teeth thoroughly to prevent oral hygiene problems from developing.

The Advantages of ClearStep Braces for Patients Looking for Invisible Braces Near Gillingham

ClearStep clear aligners are an ideal brace system for anyone looking to straightening their teeth without drawing attention to their treatment.

How do ClearStep aligners work?

The ClearStep system uses a series of clear aligners, which are created in accordance to your orthodontic prescription taken using dental impressions. Every aligner is completely transparent, so it remains in your mouth without anyone noticing and it is also removable, which aids in eating and cleaning normally.

These aligners change in shape as the treatment procedures and you must change your aligner every two weeks to encourage the teeth to continue moving.

What are the main benefits of ClearStep?

ClearStep braces in comparison to fixed braces are completely invisible, drawing no attention to your teeth or both during your treatment. There are also easy to clean and can be taken out and soak in retainer solution to ensure that no plaque or bacteria remains. With fixed braces dental health problems can often occur, as wires and brackets are difficult to clean around and plaque and food debris becomes stuck. With ClearStep aligners you can simply take your brace out when you need to brush your teeth, so no dental damage is allowed to occur.

What can ClearStep aligners treat?

ClearStep is the perfect treatment for a number of orthodontic conditions, including gapped smiles, crooked teeth and tooth misalignment. It can also be combined with tooth whitening treatment to remove stains and enhance the colour of the teeth.

How long do ClearStep aligners take to move teeth?

This will depend on the severity of your orthodontic condition, but generally ClearStep aligners take between 9 and 24 months to correct tooth misalignment. During your initial consultation your dentist near Gillingham will be able to give you an estimation of treatment time.