CT Scanner

Our philosophy has always been to embrace change if we feel it could improve the standard of care we can offer. As a result of this, many progressive pieces of technology have been incorporated into our impressive array of equipment. The most recent addition is our brand new Sirona XG3D scanner, a machine that is at the pinnacle of dental imaging.

Sirona XG3D Scanner Explained

The XG3D allows us to pick up and treat problems in the mouth earlier than in the past. Traditional waiting times for scan images are now a thing of the past, the XG3D cuts the process down to around 14 seconds. As a consequence, the time period between diagnosis and arranging the logistics of your treatment is now shorter than ever before. High resolution imaging essentially means that we are amplifying the clarity of the image. Therefore we are confident that we are able to identify problems that may have gone unnoticed before.

XG3D Scanner Benefits

  • Less radiation: this scanner emits a much lower dose of radiation than previous models. Your safety is paramount and we are delighted to be able to offer our patients this.
  • Deeper patient understanding: Utilising the detailed 3D images, on a screen your dentist can thoroughly explain and point out problem areas in your mouth. This helps to demystify the issues for patients and enables better comprehension.
  • Reduced anxiety: Once we explain the problem and treatment plan to you using the images. We find that our patients are more confident in asking the questions pertaining to the issues causing anxiety. Whether the anxiety is about treatment or conditions, we believe that you will be less nervous once the questions are answered.